Saturday, February 23, 2008

i still blog -- seriously!

Here's a book post. (Since Jenn does a fantastic job of keeping up with the TV posts -- especially since I take forever to catch up on shows. Perks of a DVR life, I s'pose.)

Jasper Fforde's, well, everything.

I've recently finished The Eyre Affair (A Thursday Next novel) and The Big Over-Easy (A Nursery Crime Division novel) and am currently reading the follow ups to both, Lost in a Good Book (Thursday) and The Fourth Bear (Nursery).

These books are definitely worth giving a try -- I don't think they're for everyone, but I think that if you're someone who enjoys a good murder mystery novel every once in a while, then you may be pleasantly surprised and quite entertained by these books. Fforde has created a very cleverly thought out and interesting universe with unconventional characters, themes, and detectives. In the Thursday Next series you have a detective, Thursday Next, who works as a Literary Detective in SpecOps-27; she solves crimes related to literature and great literary works. In the Nursery Crime series you have detectives in the Nursery Crimes division who solve crimes that are related to, well, Nursery Crimes. Based on face value alone, the two seem to be very similar, and while the two worlds do intersect ever-so-slightly, they are in fact, completely different. Believe me.

So read 'em! They're fun, I promise. :)

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Jennifer said...

I'm reading the Eyre Affair now. It's definitely really kooky and I kind of have trouble keeping the weird names straight but I'm liking it. I should try the Nursery Crimes ones too.