Saturday, September 08, 2007

What I'm looking forward to this fall

We'll see what ends up actually being worth watching, but here are the new shows I'll be checking out this fall.

Aliens in America - I'm generally not into sitcoms, especially family ones, but this one seems like it'll be really funny.
Chuck - Jake 2.0 uh, 2.0? Josh Schwartz is behind this one, and after the last season of the OC I have renewed faith in him.

Cane - Might be glamorous?
Reaper - The CW is totally stepping it up this year, I can't wait for this one.

Pushing Daisies - I've mentioned this a few times already, let's hope it last longer than other shows of its kind...
Private Practice - Um, yeah. I kind of despise Grey's Anatomy and I don't know the next thing about Addison but the cast has kind of sold me. Thanks to The Nine I'm now a huge Tim Daly fan, which I know is ridiculous since he's old enough to be my father (I think he actually does have kids as old as I am), but there it is.
Dirty Sexy Money - This could be the best night of TV on any network. I think this one could be a really great guilty pleasure. I've always liked Peter Krause.
Gossip Girl - This is so up my alley, I'd be pretty surprised if I don't like it.
Bionic Woman - Way too many new shows on Wednesdays! This one's getting a lot of buzz but I don't know that I'd otherwise be interested.
Life - I also kind of have a thing for Damian Lewis, which is bizarre since his character on the Forsyte Saga wasn't exactly swoon-worthy. I have a feeling this one might be cancelled early doesn't seem distinctive enough to attract an audience.

Big Shots - Two words: Michael Vartan. But he might be the only reason to watch it.

Moonlight - Another two words: Jason Dohring. Haha. Not much is known about this show since it's been pretty much completely reworked, but who knows, it could be good. I think it might be a procedural though, which means it wouldn't hold my attention for too long...

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vance said...

Haha, you're like me. a few shows at this point have only one reason to watch. Usually they are Jason Dohring or Michael Vartan. Cause otherwise. I probably wouldn't. (Actually, Damian Lewis in Life too, though his American accent is a bit weird in that one).