Saturday, September 22, 2007

Beauty and the Geek mixes things up

I've actually always wondered whether switching things up on Beauty and the Geek and having male beauties and female geeks would ever work. As a female geek myself, I usually find myself relating more to the guys on the show (and sadly enough understanding pretty much all of their geek-speak) and finding the girls to be ridiculously alien. But I think a full swap would probably have been too much...geeky guys are kind of endearing and cute but I don't know what the American public's reaction to geeky girls would be. So it's smart that they decided to just have one opposite couple. It's be interesting to see how that changes the dynamics in the house.

The little casting special they ran before the show actually started was pretty funny. I love how there were no geeks whatsoever in Las Vegas. I don't know what's going on with Nate and Jennylee but it was cool seeing them and a few other past geeks as well. I do kind of feel like they chose the geeks with more potential in terms of looks, but I think the girls seemed more skanky and ditzy than actually pretty.

Did anyone else feel like the "this season on the Beauty and the Geek" clip show was really overly long and gave too much away? All those crying clips seem like elimination interviews, they showed one of the geek makeovers, and even a few of the hookups. Not that anyone's going to really sit and analyze the clips to figure out who gets eliminated when, but I was kind of surprised that they were giving so much away.

Here's an interview with Nicole, the female geek. It's funny how I related to quite a lot of what she said.

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vance said...

Though I'm clearly a geek, I felt better when I also had no idea what those words the Beauties had to read were. Maybe I'm a bit of a beauty myself. HA! (Or just a fugly dumb geek? time for the makeover!)