Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: What a downer

J: Top three most depressing movies.

1. The Notebook: I hate Nicholas Sparks. He's most definitely a man who makes money off of writing stupidly sappy love stories aimed at making women cry. And then he gets credit for being so sensitive and in-touch with his emotional core or whatever. I hate him for being a man who makes a LOT of money by making women cry. I hate him even more for having written The Notebook, for me somewhat liking the book, for me somewhat loving the movie, and for making me cry A LOT everytime I watch the movie. EVEN THOUGH I KNOW IT'S COMING. Yeah, he sucks. (BTW, I really do mean it when I say that I hate Nicholas Sparks.)
2. P.S. I Love You: Apparently I missed the memo where the movie was about a widow whose late husband sends her letters posthumously. Yeah, I don't know what I thought the movie was about but I thought it was going to be a romcom, not a tearjerker.
3. Waitress: The movie itself is really cute and everything, but the circumstances that precede the movie's release with the director (and supporting actress) having been found murdered shortly before the movie's release. Seeing her in the film and being reminded of that horrible murder is really depressing. :(

Jennifer: All my picks are actually really good but I can probably never bring myself to watch them ever again because they're so depressing!
1. Dancer in the Dark: A very odd film overall (I don't think it could be anything else considering it's a musical starring Bj√∂rk), very different and affecting but man, I don't even like thinking about it and how it all ended up.
2. Requiem for a Dream: Should probably be like required anti-drug viewing for teenagers...just flat out miserable. Great soundtrack though!
3. Sophie's Choice: Meryl Streep is just devastating in this.


burkie said...

1) Grave of the Fireflies. don't get me started.
2) Boys Don't Cry. a great performance and a devastating ending.
3) Sophie's Choice. it's hard to keep this one off the list.

mira, you know i agree about Waitress, but if you can watch it outside of that context, it really shouldn't be on the list. and i found P.S. I Love You uplifting :)

Mira said...

Oh, I suppose burkie's point on Waitress is right. But it makes me sad. Another I should have included: life is beautiful. As Jenn put it, really really great but cannot bring myself to ever watch it again!!

Jennifer said...

I'm so on board with the Nicholas Sparks hate. I still refuse to watch the Notebook, just on principle!

burkie said...

i agree that Life Is Beautiful was a great, great movie that i also don't think i can watch again, but you have to admit that there was love and hope at the end of that movie, despite everything else. it didn't leave you with nothing, the way some of these other movies did.