Saturday, August 13, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Wrap-up

Mira did a pretty comprehensive post on the season earlier this week but I thought I'd just put in my two cents and offer up some thoughts on the finale. I, too, was a little bit less invested in this season than in previous years for not particularly clear reasons. Maybe the choreography has a bit a little lackluster, maybe there hasn't been as much diversity in the dance styles, maybe all the contemporary/jazz dancers are wearing on me...I don't think it's any one thing.

But I did like quite a lot of the contestants this year, and I'm wholly satisfied with the finalists and the winner. Melanie's not my favorite contemporary girl ever (Kathryn and Katee still vie for that title) but she was one of the most consistent dancers throughout the summer. I think I may have been pulling a little bit more for Sasha because she's a bit different from the norm but she did have some rough routines in the performance finale (the Broadway with Marko and the cha cha with Tadd). Marko was definitely my top guy and Tadd I couldn't help liking despite his obvious weaknesses. So anyway, congratulations to Melanie!

Some stray observations from the last week:
- Even more confirmation that Katie Holmes just...SUCKS. She kept saying the same generic crap all night.
- The Sonya routine with Sasha and shirtless Mark was pretty dang fierce. Both Stacey Tookey routines were great her!
- But yay for inviting Jesse Tyler Ferguson back! He was definitely my favorite of the celebrity guest judges this season.
- All season I've been kind of surprised seeing how short Tadd is compared to everyone. Confirmed: he's only 5'4"!
- Loved Marko and Tadd asking Harry Shum, Jr if there was room for more Asians on Glee. (On a side note, it's becoming really weird how I'm interested in most things Glee except actually watching the show...)
- The tap routine with Nick and Jess and the SYTYCD UK winner was amazing. Seeing Nick in this and also in the top 10 guys routine made me really really sad that he went home so early. He had so much potential.
- Alexander bleached his hair? I was wondering who the heck that was.
- Seeing the Travis Wall statue routine with Melanie and Marko really made me wish Travis had been more available this season. He has this formula that just kind of works...I always love the fast synchronized section at the climax of the piece.
- Cat Deeley still rules. That is all.

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