Saturday, August 06, 2011

my short list

Because I'm still inspired, I'm going to post one more entry. Coming out of Crazy, Stupid, Love, I was reminded of how much I really like certain actors/actresses. In particular, there are three that are currently on my short list of people I adore and would watch in anything. I currently hypothesize that there are two reasons they have made it onto my short list: 1) Their acting alone was able to make a movie I otherwise may not have enjoyed at all a movie I really enjoyed every minute of; and 2) They maintained the track record of awesomeness in performance in multiple movies.

1) Emma Stone:
Easy A was a movie that I would have expected myself to watch since I love silly high school movie adaptations of literature and Shakespeare. But definitely with any other actress, it would have pretty much sucked. The supporting cast was nothing worth remembering (even Aly whatever her name is from Hellcats). But Emma Stone was FABULOUS. She was so great. I wanted to be as cool as she is. I still do.
In Crazy, Stupid, Love, she is one of many characters in the movie, but I looked forward to every minute she was on the screen. I was enthralled by every scene she was in, and I still want to be as cool as she is.
She's currently my number one pick to be anyone in any movie. I love that she can make ugly faces and be completely goofy, but still incredibly perfect for it. I look forward to the new Spiderman movie solely because she's in it. (I'm a little over the Spidey movies, really.) And I'm actually kinda interested in seeing The Help, too, and that's definitely a movie that would never fall onto my radar otherwise. Additionally, Burkie knows this, but I really think that Emma Stone would be the perfect actress to play the Pioneer Woman in the movie about her.

2) Ellen Page:
She completely won me over in Juno. I even wanted to be Juno, and she was a teenage girl who got pregnant!! But she has such a casual ease about her and is, well, just plain cool. She doesn't overact anything and comes off extremely real, relatable, and fun.
The movie I wouldn't have expected to enjoy so much was Whip It; I mean, really, this was a movie about roller derby. The movie explained how roller derby worked and I *still* didn't get it. Yet somehow I ended up really enjoying it and yes, it only improved upon my opinion of Ellen Page.

3) Carey Mulligan:
For a while all I knew of her was that she was the girl who used to date Shia LaBoeuf and had been nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe for An Education. Then one day, I happened across The Greatest, which was an incredibly sappy and depressing movie... There was so much WRONG with the movie (like the fact that it was set up to make me cry over something I should not have cared all that much about), but Carey really stood out to me. I realized I had seen her before in the Keira Knightley movie version of Pride and Prejudice, but that didn't really count because Kitty barely exists in that movie. In any case, The Greatest piqued my interest in watching An Education.
An Education is a movie that would have never caught my attention because truthfully, it looked boring. But the movie was so far from boring and the storyline really captured my attention -- so much so that I was googling/and wikapediaing the details of the real life story the movie was based upon afterward! But as fantastic as I thought the movie was, Carey Mulligan was the center of everything that made me enjoy the movie so much. Simply put, she's perfect and deserves to be on my short list of actresses (I guess there are no actors on this list!) that I would watch in anything.
The best thing ever, though: she's going to be Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby! I cannot wait!!!


burkie said...

i love this inspired mira! two posts in one night!

i'd like to see both Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Help.

it's good to near that emma stone can make funny faces. maybe she can star in The Mira Story :)

Jennifer said...

Really good picks...I like all these actresses too! Carey Mulligan was in a couple of BBC/Masterpiece productions and a really good episode of Doctor Who before she started doing feature films and I'm glad she's hitting it big. Also check her out in Never Let Me Go (with Keira Knightley and the guy who's going to be the new Spider-man).

Mira said...

I should give a shout out to Zooey Deschanel, too. I really like her a lot, too. :)