Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: Second opinion

J: Top three actors that you changed your mind on - used to hate but now like or vice versa.

1. Dakota Fanning: I'm quite shocked by this one. I despised her precocious child thing for years but then something funny happened: she grew up. The first really "teenage" role I saw her in was this movie Push (with Chris Evans) that was a rather mediocre sci-fi movie but somehow just turned me around on her.
2. Shia LaBeouf: I really did like Even Stevens back in the day! Now he just seems like a huge tool. And the Transformers movies are really bad.
3. Tom Cruise: A bit obvious but I mean, remember Top Gun??

1. Vanessa Hudgens: I am a teenybopper and I enjoyed High School Musical and its sequels, and for whatever reason I liked her. For whatever reason I never noticed in those movies how monotonous and plain ol' ANNOYING her voice is. This became clear in Bandslam and Beastly. Yes, I watch quality movies, obviously.
2. Neil Patrick Harris: It's not that I disliked him as Doogie Howser, but I definitely was not any particular fan of his. Now I adore him and think he's fantastic. Mostly because of HIMYM, where he's fantastic as Barney.
3. Katie Holmes: I started out liking her lots in Dawson's Creek, and even at the end when she was unredeemingly perfect, I still liked her. Not anymore. All the reasons Jenn hated her during DC have become much more apparent in her career since and yeah, I kinda can't stand watching any movie with her in it.


Kevin said...

I still think Tom Cruise is a good actor tho.

burkie said...

1) Robin Williams. sure, he's funny the first few times you see him, but his shtick grows old.
2) Nicolas Cage. this might be unfair, but he made his career playing offbeat, interesting characters. then he won an oscar, and now he stars in bog hollywood blow 'em up movies. i think he can still be great, but he & his agent are chasing money roles, not interesting roles.
3) Drew Barrymore. i want to end on a positive note. i never hated drew, but i was never a fan of her or her movies when she was a kid (yes, i admit that i wasn't a big fan of ET), but i think she's become very, very good.