Monday, July 04, 2011

SYTYCD: top 16

Talking with others about the first two weeks of SYTYCD, I agree -- wish they had just eliminated two in the first week of top 20. Then Yvetta and the tall tapper guy would still be here. :( And maybe some of my less favorite dancers would have been gone. Especially since a good number of them were in the bottom 3.

Yay for this week's guest judges -- Kristin Chenoweth and Lil C!

Sasha & Alexander: Sasha disappearing into the piano box was creepy! Especially when her hands peeked out. I'm having a really hard time warming up to Alexander but I do love Sasha. The judges are really right in that the girls are so, so, so strong this season! Her lines in the dance this week were gorgeous. I loooove KC -- "I played a tulip and a frog peed on me," quite a feat -- and I don't mean the ones on the bottom of you legs."

Caitlyn & Mitchell: I really like Caitlyn a lot. She's this season's Jeannine for me. (I didn't think much of her when Jeannine was first introduced on the show -- I commented that she was lucky to be Phillip Chbeeb's partner. Then I quickly learned the error of my ways to see that he was lucky to have her.) I thought she was amazing in this dance. Mitchell isn't... masculine and strong enough for me, at least not in Latin.

Miranda & Robert: I hate how Miranda and Robert talk, Miranda more so. Their dance was only okay for me. I think I was distracted by the tapping in the song that wasn't being interpreted on stage, but I guess that's a choreography thing. Also, I didn't really see the story that they were supposed to be telling. That's one number I won't be remembering.

Melanie & Marco: Kiss number 1. I thought this number would have been better if Melanie weren't wearing the really distractingly ugly dress that she was wearing. But I agree with the judges that they're one of the strongest couples in this competition. Melanie is a judges' favorite, and Marco has the great story (and I love his passion for dance that comes out with every performance). And kiss number 2 between Mary & Nigel. Eww. (And HILARIOUS. I love Cat Deeley's facial expression.) And Kiss number 3 and number 4... Poor Cat.

Ashley & Chris: What is it with jazz choreographers and zombies? Haha, in any case, I'm not a big fan of Ashley's but I thought she was really great in this Sonya zombie number. It is interesting to me how much every week the judges adore her, though. Chris was okay, but I didn't notice him much truthfully.

Clarice & Jess: I felt like this performance was not as smooth as you'd expect the foxtrot to be, especially set to "Fly Me to the Moon." It wasn't gliding for me, even though Mary Murphy claims they did it. Hmphh. The judges really loved it. I did not. I'd definitely not miss Jess leaving.

Ryan & Ricky: This piece was unexpectedly quieter than what I was expecting. But I thought that it was technically very impressive and I liked the concept. I've gotta say that the fabric rope thing was what I was staring at the entire time, though.

Jordan & Tadd: I think the best part of that performance was Tadd breaking across the floor in just his boxers. I felt I would enjoyed the routine better with a little less story, a little more dance. But it was fun.

My bottom 3 couples:
- Miranda & Robert
- Clarice & Jess
- Ashley & Chris

Actual bottom 3:
- Ashley & Chris
- Miranda & Robert
- Caitlyn & Mitchell (BOO!)

Miranda and Robert -- I guess no couple switch-ups again...

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Jennifer said...

Ugh Melanie's costume was TERRIBLE! It was definitely one of the best NappyTabs numbers in awhile though. I agree that Caitlynn might be a dark horse this season. At this point I could do without Ashley, Chris, and Jess (Clarice I kind of feel bad for...I feel like she could have been great with a different partner). I don't like Jordan much either but I think she and Tadd are popular enough that they'll make Top 10 easily.