Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Top Three: fall preview

M: Being bombarded with previews of fall shows so early in the summer, which shows are you most looking forward to seeing (old/new)?

1. The New Girl (FOX): Commercials for this show is what inspired the question. Everytime I see a preview for the show, I'm so annoyed that I have to wait MONTHS to watch it!
2. Grimm (NBC): Not really sure what this is about but I'm excited to see fairy tale inspiration, rather than wizards, witches, werewolves, and vampires. :)
3. Glee (FOX): So many off-season changes, and I've been watching The Glee Project, which I'm sad to admit I totally enjoy, so I'm looking forward to what's to come next. I hope we can get back to the season 1 freshness and away from the season 2 contrived-ness. Plus, senior year so this transition out of the original cast has potential.

1. Ringer (CW) - Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV! I don't think I really understand the premise but I'm optimistic.
2. New Girl (FOX) - I've realized that I kind of want to be Zooey Deschanel...
3. Community/Parks and Recreation (NBC) and The Vampire Diaries (CW) - My favorite shows from last season...all in the same hour.


burkie said...

does football count? that takes up most of my fall viewing. if not:
1) The New Girl. based on this blog, it should get great ratings :) i'm a big zoey fan, but the previews look great, too.
2) Bones. why look forward to just one deschanel when you can look forward to two? :)
3) Castle. i've really warmed to this show. i've realized that i kind of want to be either nathan fillion or the character he plays :)

Fanny said...

1. The New Girl - I was never really a big Zooey fan until I saw the preview for this show. Just from the very beginning of the preview, I wanted to see it.
2. Smash - It's a new musical drama about a group of people creating a Broadway play about Marilyn Monroe. I like Katherine McPhee and Jack Davenport a lot so I'm excited for the show. I've heard it being called grownup "Glee".
3. The Walking Dead - I loved the first season of this show, which surprised me because I'm not usually a big fan of zombie related media. I thought it ended pretty good last season and I really liked Andrew Lincoln as the male lead, Rick Grimes.