Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Talk: Living Vicariously...

M: What TV show/book/movie do you love because you enjoy living vicariously through the lives of the characters? What TV show/book/movie do you love because it reminds you so much of who you are/your life?

Jennifer: Tough question! Madeleine L'Engle's characters Vicky Austin and Polly O'Keefe are the ones I loved living vicariously through. I'm not very much like either of them, but both got to do such interesting things. Vicky took a cross country road trip with her big family, lived in a farm town and then in Manhattan, swam and communicated with dolphins, and went to Antarctica. And even though she was kind of a "plain Jane" type, she was always having guys fall for her! As for Polly, she lived on remote islands and went to Venezuela and Greece and Cyprus. I guess I mostly have travel envy! As for the second question, Office Space? I remember watching it for the first time during college with two fellow engineer friends and while we laughed through the whole thing, at the end we were all kind of quiet, thinking "Um, this is going to be our lives!?"

Mira: Living vicariously through... the ABC Family shows: Make It or Break It (Like most other little girls I grew up adoring gymnastics and imagining how I wanted to grow up to be an Olympian. Too late now, darn!) and Greek (It almost makes me feel like I really missed out of a very unique undergraduate experience.)... Real life reminiscent, I'd pick Gilmore Girls just because similar to Rory and Loralie, a lot of my childhood was just my mom and me. And though she wasn't super young like Loralie when she had me, I'm definitely more the reserved and studious type like Rory and she's the crazy and carefree but dependable when needed like Loralie.


Jennifer said...

I almost picked Greek too because it always looks so fun! Can't wait for the final season. And obviously it's way too late for the Olympics for me too but I love getting to sort of live out my own Make it or Break it in gymnastics class!

burkie said...

tough! you know what? for the first question, i'll go with a recent series: Ben Gates, the nicholas cage character in the National Treasure movies. he's got a fun life!

for the second question, i'll say the books written by Jasper Fforde. the characters he writes about don't remind me of me as much as Fforde's writing style reminds me of me. the man deserves a Pulitzer :)