Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Talk: Halloween!

J: Halloween is coming up soon. What is your favorite Halloween-themed episode of a TV show?

Jennifer: My favorite is still the Halloween episode from season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where everyone becomes their costumes: Buffy a damsel in distress, Xander a solider, and Willow a slutty ghost. Although last year's Community episode was kind of an instant classic, with Britta's super cute squirrel costume, Abed's Christian-Bale-Batman, Pierce's psychedelic hallucination of Annie hilarious!

Mira: My favorite Buffy Halloween moment was season 4, "Fear, Itself" when Anya dressed up as a bunny. (I just did a bunch of searching to pinpoint that episode and verify that it was a Halloween episode. LOL.) Okay, apparently today I cannot remember individual episodes of any show, let alone the Halloween episodes... So I'll mention my favorite series of Scooby Doo episodes from when I was in... uh, second grade?: The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo! That's Halloween-y enough, right? I dunno why but each of these episodes had me scared and I remember really enjoying the series. On a non-tv show Halloween, I particularly love the Halloween scenes in the movie Mean Girls where Lindsay Lohan's character learns that American Halloween's aren't about being as scary as you can be, but for girls to be as slutty as possible and get away with it. :)


burkie said...

i like the Bones episode where Bones is Wonder Woman, Booth is a squint, Angela is Cher, and Cam is Catwoman. funny stuff :)

mensajes claro said...

I like "The simpson night of horror" They are so great , They are a litle scary i am waiting for watching then.

I love those chapters .

Fanny said...

I like both of the Buffy Halloween episodes mentioned. I've also always really enjoyed the TGIF Halloween episodes.