Thursday, September 02, 2010

Thursday Talk: Happy 90210 Day!

M: In the spirit of today's date (9.02.10), what was your favorite and least favorite memory of Beverly Hills, 90210?

: I watched the original 90210 on and off, mostly in reruns, and mostly just the high school and early college years. So my knowledge of the show is somewhat scattered but a few random moments stick out. There was that episode where Brandon and Clare are competing against each other to get onto College Jeopardy! but then Andrea demolishes both of them, which I thought was hilarious. I was always kind of unhappy with what they did with Andrea's character...she should have gone to Yale and left the show but instead we were subject to all of her somewhat depressing marriage problems. Least favorite memory? I remember all this bizarre drama with Dylan's half-sister being kidnapped to Mexico or something? Oh, and every scene with David dancing was really cringeworthy...

Mira: I feel like I remember the high school years much more fondly than the college years; though, that's true for most shows that attempt to move a high school show into college. But I did kind of love and hate the Dylan-Kelly-Brenda triangle. Oh, I also really liked Brenda's character, which was another reason to like the college years less. And I hated Valerie's character, who came in to sort of make up for the hole left by Brenda's departure. More reason to hate the later years. But one thing that I did love in the later years was the Brendon-Kelly relationship. And I hated, hated, hated when he almost proposed to her and didn't and she had the miscarriage, too. Agh! Hated that! I felt and still feel gypped of a perfect 'ship. Oh, and btw, the new 90210 on The CW blows.


Jennifer said...

I was a Brandon/Kelly shipper too...sigh.

Fanny said...

I was never really into 90210, anything I watched was mostly because Candy was watching it. I liked Brenda a lot and probably didn't watch any of the show after she left. According to Wiki, I was about 8 or 9 when that happened. I have two favorite memories from the show:
1-When Brenda went to Paris, met Rick [Dean Cain] and pretended to be French.
2-Brenda as Laverne singing "It's My Party" at The Peach Pit.

burkie said...

sorry, i got nothing :P