Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Talk: Best Buds

M: Inspired by a comment on House and Wilson's "bromance" on House, M.D.: favorite fictional best friends?

Jennifer: For some reason or another, most of my favorite books and TV shows and movies have to do more with family or romance and don't have many great well-developed two-person friendships. Too often the best friend of the lead character is just there to be supportive or the comic relief/scene stealer. Or there's a group of friends where the individual friendships don't always make sense (like on Sex and the City) or they're just better altogether (like Harry and Ron and Hermione.) So the only pairs that come to mind right now are Seth and Ryan on The OC and Blair and Serena on Gossip Girl (hm, both Josh Schwartz shows). With these pairs, I feel like they took the time to explain why they were best friends and gave them conflict and didn't just take it for granted. Both shows are probably more known for their merry-go-round of relationships but Seth/Ryan and Blair/Serena, rather than any romance, are actually more the heart of each show. (Honorable mention to Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro...just because.)

Yeah, for me, too, I think Blair & Serena instantly. Only problem is Gossip Girl just wouldn't stop with the Blair/Serena fighting, best friends, fighting crap and now I don't care about them anymore. But for the first two years they were the true heart and relationship to root for on the show. Favorite fictional best friends -- I love Meridith and Cristina on Grey's Anatomy. It's funny how they're referred to by their significant others (now husbands!) as the "twisted sisters." But I love how they're so perfectly twisty and negative and competitive together. Honorable mention to Kurt & Mercedes on Glee, just because.


burkie said...

i like fraiser & niles on "fraiser." yes, they're brothers, but neither one had any other friends on the show, so they really were best friends, too. they were really well developed. i'll give an honorable mention to will & grace on, er, "will & grace" (except when they tried to make them a couple). i like male-female friendships :)

Fanny said...

I really like Cristina and Meredith as well..."Derek is the love of my life, but you are my soulmate." I like that while they do have disagreements from time to time, for the most part, they back each other up. And I use Veronica Mars a lot when answering these questions, but I really love Veronica and Wallace's relationship. I'm also a big fan of male-female best friendships and I absolutely HATE it when shows, movies, etc., feel the need to change it into something more than that. Why can't they just stay best friends?