Thursday, September 30, 2010

life of my dvr...

Baseline: 3% occupied with a movie I intend to watch at some point but will not get around to for a few months; 5% (8% total) -- 1 episode of Outlaw that Boyfriend may get around to watching one day soon; 10% (18%) -- 2 episodes of Chuck that we will put off watching until we can't afford the space anymore; 30% (48%) -- 2 episodes of The Event, Hawaii Five-O, Undercovers that we will put off watching until we're inspired to try out a new show; 10% (58%) -- 2 episodes of Lone Star that we will put off watching until the DVR runs out of space and automatically deletes it... then the week starts.

How I Met Your Mother
, 3%
Lone Star,
The Event, 5%
Hawaii Five-O,
Chase, 5%
(total 76%)
Watch How I Met Your Mother because it takes 20 minutes to get off, -3% (total 73%).
(Watching off of the Internet: Gossip Girl, House)

Glee, 5%
No Ordinary Family,
NCIS: Los Angeles, 5%
The Good Wife, 5%
(total 98%)
Watch Glee as soon as I get home from class, cuz I can't wait. -5% (total 93%)
Boyfriend gets NCIS and Chase off the DVR to make room for Wednesday, -10% (total 83%)
(Watching off of the Internet: NCIS (bf), Running Wilde--maybe, Detroit 1-8-7 (bf))

Outlaw, 5%
Undercovers, 5%
Criminal Minds
, 5%
(total 98%)
Boyfriend watches Outlaw, Criminal Minds to make room for Thursday, -10% (total 88%)
Watch No Ordinary Family as soon as I get home from class, -5% (total 83%)
(Watching off of the Internet: The Defenders (bf))

Grey's Anatomy,
Private Practice,
(total 98%)
Get some of the earlier TV off the DVR, such as Parenthood, Hellcats -10% (total 88%)
Watch Grey's Anatomy, Nikita pretty much right away, -10% (total 78%)
(Watching off of the Internet: My Generation, Outsourced (bf))

Blue Bloods, 5% (total 83%)

Over the course of Friday and Saturday nights Boyfriend watches Blue Blood (total 78%) and we figure out a way to watch enough TV to get the DVR down to <60% so that we can record Michigan football on Saturday (and delete it soon after) and NFL football on Sunday (and delete soon after) and then on Monday.... We start all over again.

Managing the DVR is HARD!


Jennifer said...

Wow this is hilarious. Well, Lone Star got cancelled and I imagine some other things will too (like Undercovers maybe) so that should help!

burkie said...

what a nut!

i need to re-program my dvr. it's still set to record the summer shows on TNT & USA.