Friday, May 30, 2008

Jennifer's season mega-wrap-up: Favorite new shows

Gossip Girl: Probably hands down my favorite show of the season, new or returning. I am super glad that they came back with new episodes after the strike (instead of waiting for a re-launch next year like a few others) but I do feel like the shortened number of episode compressed things a bit too much. Way too much was happening and storylines were just getting resolved too soon.

In some cases, that wasn't necessarily a bad thing...I'm kind of glad we're done with the Blair-Jenny power struggle. Because I mean, was there any doubt that Blair was going to win? Although because I'm weirdly obsessive I did find myself kind of dissecting the dynamics of that little clique though. At first I thought that Penelope and Hazel were just taking advantage of Blair's shunning to take control of the group and I didn't see why they would ever let Blair back in now that they were "in charge." But then in the SAT episode, it started to seem like they just liked the perks of being friends with Blair. But then they started to see Jenny as kind of a leader and I totally didn't get that. And then finally they turn on Jenny too! It's all so complicated! I was pretty amused that Nelly Yuki is suddenly part of the group and appears to be Kati's replacement but with a lot more lines...

I did enjoy Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina. She definitely had the scary bitch thing down and while the whole "maybe-murder" thing turned out to be a bit of a letdown I did like that she was kind of the stimulus to the Serena-Dan breakdown. They've always been a little boring. I'm not necessarily saying that I support Serena/Nate or Dan/Vanessa like the cliffhanger was trying to imply, but I'm kind of glad that they left things a bit open. Dan flat out sucks in my book right now though. "Most understanding person in the world" my ass.

I didn't really like the up-down-ness of Blair and Chuck in the finale though. You know, I was really reluctant to like Chuck because I just felt like his behavior in the first couple of episodes was nearing unredeemable but he has totally grown on me. And Blair is awesome. Period. I wonder if they're one of those couples that's best when they're kind of at odds though, like Logan and Veronica? But giving them like, two minutes of happiness before they start flirting with other people was just...strange.

Oh and man this show makes me wish I was back in New York. Not that I ever hung out where these kids did and not that I ever will but I just love that the whole show is filmed there, because you can really tell when they're faking NYC on TV (like on Ugly Betty though there are rumors that they'll be moving over for real next season!).

Samantha Who?: Just a fun little comedy, maybe sometimes a little over the top, but the characters are all really funny. Love Melissa McCarthy (Sookie from Gilmore Girls) and Jennifer Esposito as Sam's kind of angel-and-devil duo (they're hilarious playing off of eachother), love Sam's parents, especially Jean Smart (Martha Logan from 24), love Frank the doorman, and surprisingly, love Todd, Sam's ex-boyfriend, despite my previous dislike of Barry Watson. I guess we've been all wanting Sam to get back together with Todd but all season long I've kind of been wondering why Sam doesn't kick him out of her apartment. It's her apartment! Is he even paying rent?? Or is this just another thing to chalk up to amnesia?

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