Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogging blues

One interesting consequence of the writers' strike is that there have been nearly no early cancellations and shows that in other years would have been axed by now are getting to play out their entire first runs. Shows that were initially panned by critics and viewers (including myself) have reportedly improved, and like Life, have even been given full season pickups. It kind of makes me a little sad about season past...maybe if shows like The Nine and Kitchen Confidential and Love Monkey had been given a chance to stay on the air a bit longer they could have made it.

Because well, I don't know, this season's shows have left me sort of...uninspired. I never intended this blog to be a place for weekly recaps or reviews...it was born mostly because I felt like I had so much I wanted to talk about and no one in real life to tell it to. But lately? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm still watching and enjoying quite a lot of TV, but in terms of shows I want to dissect and discuss and vent about? Not so much. I think the trend this season has been more towards the light and fun, which there's nothing wrong with at all, but nothing has been like...compelling enough to really get me wanting to blog.

I guess you're asking, so what am I watching? Of the returning crop, Ugly Betty, Scrubs, and Brothers & Sisters continue to be fantastic, but somehow they've never been that blogworthy to me. (But maybe I should start?) The Office and Friday Night Lights have been kind of uneven, How I Met Your Mother still has moments of brilliance, but I'm getting seriously tired of waiting to meet the "mother," and Heroes got off to a pretty terrible start. It's gotten better but the fall finale is already next week. Of course there's the always reliable Amazing Race and Project Runway, but they're only just gotten started. Of the new shows, Gossip Girl, Chuck, and Dirty Sexy Money are favorites, but they're not exactly nail biters. Kid Nation is my guilty pleasure, and I'm actually kind of enjoying Samantha Who? and Life is Wild even though they're kind of silly.

And finally...this might be kind of an unpopular opinion, but I'm starting to get a little less sold on Pushing Daisies. It's definitely been this season's critical darling, and normally I'm all about these types of quirky shows, but my enthusiasm has kind of waned since it first premiered. It is really wonderfully different and unique, but sometimes...it's just a little too much, even when that's the point. I think the mystery-of-the-week stuff can be especially hard to swallow. I mean, it's strange, I totally loved all the wacky stuff on Bryan Fuller's other shows, Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls, but here, amongst all the perky and sunny and cute...it's sometimes just an overload. I do love Emerson Cod and Digby and Charlotte's aunts (I can't call her Chuck...there are too many else where on TV right now) but the combination of it all doesn't always work for me.

So...am I crazy? Or am I like, growing out of my tendency to get obsessed with TV?


Mira said...

I'm actually LOVING How I Met Your Mother more this season than ever! Especially now that Ted is no longer in his dead-end relationship with Robin. I have to say "Spoilers" was an especially awesome episode, and "Slapsgiving" was cute. I like they they've been keeping every episode somewhat unique. Whether it was the glass shattering realization of something that they never noticed before, or what they should've said in a situation vs. what they actually said, or bringing back old bets.... it's continued to be clever. Enough so that I caved in and bought Season 1 on DVD!

kev said...

I'm enjoying Chuck alot, and I'm giving Reaper another chance, (might as well watch the eps they made). Sock really cracks me up.