Sunday, November 04, 2007

Catching up with the Walkers

With all the hoopla over the new fall shows I've been neglecting to cover some of my returning favorites, so let's check in with Brothers & Sisters:

Nora: She spent the first couple of episodes just worrying and fretting over Justin, which is totally understandable but was starting to get a little one-note. I think I like her best when she has a mix of comedy and drama to work with...she was hilarious during the little girls' trip to Ojai and then this week with the pantry and Kitty possibly being pregnant, but then on the other hand I really loved how she went over to Sarah's to be there for her when Joe came to pick up the kids. Her quiet strength was really visible there. I hope she gets a storyline separate from her kids soon though.

Sarah: You know, part of me kind of wanted Joe and Sarah to work it out. I know they'd be having trouble since pretty much the beginning of the series, but I don't think they ever really hated each other or couldn't get along so it seemed like it was a possibility. And I guess as the audience, we're really only seeing it from Sarah's side, because that's how she felt as well. And now with Joe filing for sole custody of Paige and Cooper? I kind of feel like we never knew Joe at all. Because that was pretty shitty of him to be planning it and collecting references a MONTH before he let her know of his intentions. I get that divorce can be ugly but that really shocked me. And I don't know, letting a mother see her children only every other weekend when there's nothing obviously wrong about her except the fact that she has a career? Not sure how that's stability. I mean, does Joe even have a job?

Kitty: She seems to be the only one on the show right now with a generally happy relationship and storyline, and I'm kind of glad for it. Yeah, there's little frustrations and spats, but it's generally been pretty upbeat, which the show definitely needs to balance out all the melodrama. Kitty getting pregnant is definitely must be so bizarre having to deal with all these kinds of things looking at how the public and media is going to react. I kind of have to admit though, I don't see how Robert could possibly win this election if the writers want to keep the show going. I wonder how far he's going to go.

Tommy: Sigh. I think this is the storyline I'm most kind of unhappy with. Is it Balthazar Getty's limitations as an actor, maybe? I know Tommy's supposed to be sort of a strong, silent type (or at least that's what I got from last season when he didn't really have anything interesting to do) but I'm just not buying this Lena thing. There wasn't any buildup at all, it just kind of dropped out of nowhere, and Tommy just doesn't seem guilty enough over it. It's not an unrealistic situation or anything, but I just don't get it. That said, I hope that Tommy and Julia do work things out...

Kevin: I'm really glad that he's doing the long-distance thing with Jason. It's about time he commits to a relationship, and with Eric Winter no longer being tied up with Viva Laughlin, I have a feeling that Jason will be back from Malaysia sooner rather than later. Scotty's been back as well, which is interesting. I really like them as a couple last season, but I'm kind of glad that they're just friends now. I hope they don't go down a different road with that though.

Justin: I wasn't too thrilled with them rehashing the addiction storyline again with Justin, but I'm withholding judgment for now. I hear a big intervention is coming up? Oh, and Dave Annable is definitely just as hot as ever!

Rebecca: So Rebecca's been living with Nora all summer. Does she...have a job? Go to school? I've always been a little confused with her character in general...last season she was always referring to more troubled past and did show some shades of being manipulating but Emily Van Camp is just so likable and earnest. And she hasn't done much this season except help take care of Justin and get her friend Lena a job. The show does a remarkably good job at balancing the numerous members of this family but sometimes Rebecca's presence just kind of confuses me.

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