Friday, November 30, 2007

Dirty Sexy Money makes me eat my words

So of course just as I write that post about not having much to blog about...I now have stuff to blog about! Funny how these things happen...

Anyway, this stuff I'm speaking of? Dirty Sexy Money was awesome this week. I've definitely been enjoying the show so far, because all the characters are really amusing in their own way and it's amazing what kinds of hijinks all these rich people can get themselves into. But this week, somehow it just all came together. I'd been waiting for the reveal of which of the Darling kids is actually Dutch's and not Tripp's, and wow, was that a payoff! I know a lot of people had guessed that it was Brian, and you know, it really is perfect.

This was definitely Brian's episode. He's still a pretty ridiculous human being but I completely felt for him this week. His line about losing two fathers and one son all in one day was kind of heart-wrenching, and I was totally getting misty in the scene where he was saying goodbye to Brian Jr. (That little kid has been doing such an awesome job.) At least he gained a brother? The kind of one-sided Nick and Brian rivalry has always been a highlight of the show, and I imagine it's only going to get better. I also loved that little flashbacks showing Dutch...his absence is strangely a huge presence in the show and it was nice to finally see a little bit of who he was. I thought the flashback of that last time he and Nick talked was really could totally see what he was trying to say.

And you know, I even liked Jeremy's little storyline. How funny was the look on Nick's face when he realized that Lisa had been helping out Jeremy on her own accord? It's totally believable that the Darlings have no problem calling on anyone and everyone who can help them out of their little self-imposed jams.

I am getting a little wary of Patrick's storyline though. Can politicians really hide these kinds of things?? I kind of liked Ellen agreeing to sharing Patrick with Carmelita because it was just crazy enough to make sense, but with Ellen shooting him in the leg with a hunting rifle and giving him an ultimatum and Patrick refusing to make that seems like we're kind of back to square one.

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