Thursday, October 19, 2006

On the Gilmore Girls rollercoaster

It's bizarre. As the Lorelai situation spirals further and further downward, I'm starting to like Rory again. She seems to be getting back to the old Chilton Rory, in a way. I like that they're trying to give her new friends, but I found the way she met them to just be unnatural. Those girls just randomly see her at the watercooler and randomly decide to go and talk to her? Why? They get points for thinking Paris is a genius, but why do all people on this show have to be so fast-talking and quirky? There are people out there who are not fast-talking and quirky and are still interesting. The chick who played Gia on Veronica Mars was really annoying, and her dress was entirely too short. I was okay with her dismissing Logan, she did have people over, although it was a bit strange because she was in his apartment and these girls she met only a few hours before were going through all of his stuff. I loved when they were all like "your boyfriend is rich!" though because damn, Rory, do you not realize how lucky you are?

The Emily-getting-arrested thing wasn't quite as amusing as I thought it might be. When she was talking to that cop it really dawned on me how crazy she would seem to regular people. I guess I've gotten way too used to her.

Luke with April was kind of cute. She's still too much like Rory for my liking, and her trying to set up Luke on dates was just bizarre but overall I was okay with it. Kind of with Lane (speaking of which, where was she this week?), I don't like the storyline but the execution is fine.

On to Christopher and Lorelai. I always felt that they've had substantial chemistry, but now that they're dating it seems weirdly forced. Sookie was totally right about it being alright to have a rebound but that it's stranger when it's with the father of your only child. Are we supposed to be okay with Lorelai getting over Luke so quickly? Are we supposed to be enjoying the progress of their relationship? Are we supposed to be thinking that Christopher's perfect for her because he made a drive-in movie for her? Are we supposed to be happy to see them kissing for way longer than they've ever shown Lorelai with Luke? Or are we just supposed to be really uncomfortable, which I was? I just don't get it.

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Tim King said...

Hi, Jennifer. I doubt Lorelai is over Luke yet. This may be why her relationship with Chris seems forced. She's behaving very oddly. For example, since when has she ever taken it slow with Christopher? Or with anyone, for that matter?

On the other hand, maybe she's behaving strangely because she's re-evaluating her life, what she wants, how she's going to get it.

I personally would be happy if she ended up with Chris, or with Luke, or with someone else. But I think she doesn't know how to be with someone, to be truly vulnerable to him, and to trust him. We've seen a string of guys go through her life. Any of them would have made a fine life partner, if she wanted to make it work. And if she really wants "the whole package," as she once told Luke she does, she's had plenty of opportunity to get it. A long string of guys, each of them wrong, wrong, wrong? When I see a pattern like that, I start thinking maybe it's not the guys. Maybe it's her.