Friday, October 06, 2006

And the disaster that is Gilmore Girls continues...

This week's episode was a bit better. But you know what I hate? The stupid previews/promos that make it sound like Lorelai and Christopher are meant to be together. I've accepted the fact that they're going to try out the relationship thing this season, but don't ram it down our throats. Ugh.

Anyway, finally we get som fallout from the Luke/Lorelai breakup. At first I was kind of annoyed by Luke's reaction, but it was really just him being angry and well, Luke. I liked the scenes with him and TJ and Liz though. And Liz, of all people, was the voice of reason. As much as I want Luke and Lorelai together, her explanation totally made sense. But I think what she missed was that while they're not in the same plane now, that doesn't mean a wormhole can't open up in the future (i.e. before the series ends). It was pretty heartbreaking to hear Luke tell Lorelai that they just weren't meant to be together, but I kind of understand why he came to that conclusion. As for Lorelai, for someone who talks so damn much, she hasn't been talking nearly enough. I'm glad that Rory got a bit angry at her, because whereas Lorelai's feelings were justifiable, going and immediately sleeping with christopher was just stupid.

What's up with Lane being pregnant? I'm not really liking where they're going with her character. I never liked the whole marriage thing in the first place (although it made for an awesome wedding episode), and I like that they went the unconventional route of having them have a horrible honeymoon with Lane claiming that sex is horrible but it seems almost unfair that now she has to be pregnant on top of that. I found Rory's comforting of Lane to be a little weird though. Well the whole situation is just weird.

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Mira said...

good thing i'm not watching for another month! but i'm glad liz made things make sense for you. ::sigh::

and i'm glad rory got mad at lorelai.