Friday, October 06, 2006

High school redux on the N - Degrassi and South of Nowhere

I'm so psyched these shows are back. I actually just recently got into South of Nowhere...I watched the entire first season on the N's website for free (totally cool) and I got completely hooked. I hadn't like it the first time I tried watching it because it was almost too extreme for me and absolutely nothing about it reminded me of my own high school days. If you think Degrassi goes there, then South of Nowhere goes way beyond. Degrassi, despite its tackling of heavy subject matter, still manages to give off this afterschool-special vibe. South of Nowhere isn't apologetic about anything. Kids are mean, they do stupid things, they make mistakes and keep making them. It's juicy. And Aidan's hot. Why doesn't he have better options than vile Madison and two lesbian chicks??

Degrassi this season is mixing things up a bit. Half the kids aren't even at Degrassi anymore. Marco and Ellie and Dylan are in college locally, Paige is going away to school, Alex is still hanging around despite graduating. They managed to keep Jimmy, Spinner, and Ashley back a year, and they brought Sean back, but things are definitely a little different. First off, the new opening credits suck. They're weirdly 92010-ish, and I hate what they did to the song. And poor Toby got left out of the credits. Sigh, I guess he'll never be getting a real plotline.

Sean Cameron is back!! I always really liked him, but I'm kind of not okay with him being back for Emma because I can't really stand Emma. Plus I liked Sean and Ellie together a lot more. That's not saying I want them to be together now, but having Sean be all about Emma rings a little false to me.

I also really hate how all the girls on this show are becoming well, slutty. First it was Manny, then Emma, and now Darcy? I'm going to have to hate her now too.

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