Tuesday, March 12, 2013

M: Week 9 (the bachelor)

So of course I'm late on my biweekly post... again! I was originally going to post on a book I read recently -- an old-fashioned, non-electronic, real book (from the library) -- that Jenn had posted about previously, but since I'm a day late anyway, figured I'll write about entertainment from tonight. Plus, I'm not sure I'm ready to write my thoughts about a twisty, hateful, scary relationship.  I think I'd rather write about happy, potentially superficial and shortlasting, reality TV relationships instead!

I've mentioned previously that I do not tend to watch The Bachelor, simply because of the large ratio of crazy girls to normal people. However, since I do watch The Bachelorette, which is better in the crazy to normal ratio department, I end up staying moderately curious about what is happening to the former Bachelorette reject. This season I balanced out the inaneness of the crazies by reading blog recaps of the early episodes and once the show had dwindled down to the final 3 (meaning no more group dates or girls hanging out in a room while the Bachelor is dating other members of the group), I decided I could start watching again.  

I was quite perplexed by the final 3: AshLee, who is super condescending (to my ears at least) and under a thick layer of sweetness seems to be kinda mean (or maybe I just don't get the southern girl thing?); Lindsay, who was the super drunk girl who showed up in a wedding dress and seemed nice enough but not particularly interesting; and Catherine, who says everything in a nasal almost sarcastic way, but was really smart and quirky, and I thought brought out a true maturity and silliness in Sean. Can you tell who my frontrunner was? :) In any case, I got my wish and Catherine got the happily ever after.  I also got my wish and the next Bachelorette is Des (one of the frontrunners kicked off after the hometown dates). My Dancing with the Stars "surprise contestant" prediction is Lindsay, the professional substitute teacher, not Sean. I think that Dancing with the Stars could be her consolation prize for not getting the guy or The Bachelorette

Happy people, happy couples. Hopefully, at least. (Ashley and J.P. seem at least stable, married, and happy. Emily and Jef never made it anywhere near the alter. Gross Ben and Courtney were just gross and are not worth thinking about.) I was quite concerned with the fact that Sean didn't know until the day before the proposal who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. I kept thinking about his mother's advice -- if you're not sure, don't propose! Seriously, if you can't get the "other girl" out of your head, are you really ready to propose? And if you're the girl, do you really want to accept that proposal? I'd like to think I'd want to wait until I knew I was the ONLY girl in his head. Even crazier now is that they're ready to get married ASAP and want to do so on TV. Anyway, they don't seem like emotionally unstable people and seem pretty great together, so here's to hoping that they work out...

Speaking of reality TV couples that work out -- Samantha Woods and Mike Spiro from Love in the Wild are ENGAGED! Adorable. 

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Jennifer said...

I haven't paid any attention to this season but I was so super happy to hear about Samantha and Mike though!!!