Monday, February 04, 2013

M: Super Bowl Ads

Thanks to the DVR, I rarely watch commercials.  In fact, I get downright annoyed when I have to sit through them.  However, as a sports fan, the one time I do have to sit through commercials is during games because it kind of sucks to watch a game after it's already happened.  In any case, this Super Bowl was kind of a big deal for me -- my Baltimore Ravens not only made it, they won it!  Since I had to endure sitting through all of those commercials, I thought I'd talk about my favorites and least favorites.

1. Oreo Whisper Fight: I love that they were fighting like crazy in a library, all the while doing it no louder than a whisper. 
2. Tide Miracle Stain: Punch line -- "Go Ravens!" 'nuf said. 
3. Taco Bell Esta Noche: I was amused by the fact that they had literally translated Fun.'s "Tonight" into Spanish, shoving all the words into the original song. Plus the old people doing all the stupid, crazy late night shenanigans of young people all tied to Taco Bell. Well done.
Honorable Mention: Budweiser Clydesdale commercial, simply because it was so cute.  
Oh, and the commercials with Amy Poehler (Best Buy) and Tracy Morgan (uh, some sports drink thing?) were amusing. 

1. Samsung's Next Big Thing: Not only was that a really slow, drawn out commercial, but it's kinda ridiculous how much it must have cost -- at least $6M for the 1 minute long commercial + Lebron James + Paul Rudd + Seth Rogan, seriously?! It was not funny -- AT ALL. 
2. GoDaddy Awkward Make Out: The chubby guy with white guy afro who shows up as an extra in every teen TV show or movie making out with the hot chick?  That was just gross.
3. Axe Lifeguard: Um, this was just stupid. Guy beats up shark, saves some hot chick who ditches her hot lifeguard savior for an astronaut? And somehow this is about deodorant?

That was a stressful 4.5 hours of football (seriously, 4.5 hours!!! thanks to a 45 minute half-time show and a 34 minute power outage at the stadium), but... GO RAVENS! :)

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