Sunday, February 03, 2013

J: Week 5 (I'm running)

I'm actually writing this post a bit early because I'll be out of town this weekend running my first marathon! So in honor of the occasion, I thought I'd write about a few running related things!

The Spirit of the Marathon - My friend Erin and I watched this documentary on the recommendation of a friend who also recently ran his first marathon. It follows 6 runners (2 elite and 4 amateurs) as they prepared for the 2005 Chicago Marathon. It also gives some history of the marathon and has interviews with famous marathoners. I especially got a kick out of seeing Hal Higdon, the guy whose training plan I followed! Erin and I have been training just on our own so it was funny to see how all runners (well, the recreational ones anyway) do go through the same things that we did.

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. I read this last year and was pretty engrossed by it. It's about these incredible runners from the Tarahumara Indian tribe of Mexico and how various Americans (including the author) sought to learn their secrets. The author posits that humans are "born to run" -- but not with modern running shoes. His research and the example of the Tarahumaras are definitely convincing, but I'm still not so sure about the barefoot/minimal running trend. Plus, I really don't know what the deal is with these crazy ultramarathon people. (I know, some people would say that about a marathon too).

Bonus randomness: Bradley Cooper's character spends like half of Silver Linings Playbook running in a full sweatshirt and a garbage bag (apparently to sweat more). Jennifer Lawrence's character runs too, but in the cutest running outfits, hmph. I haven't decided how much running I'm going to be doing after the marathon but I now really want a cute running jacket...

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