Monday, December 31, 2012

J: TV of 2012

You know, in years past, TV was always the easiest thing for me to write about. But this year I have to admit that I've definitely lost enthusiasm for television and there have not been a lot of shows that I really kept up with. Here's what still on my list:

  1. Downton Abbey - Of course! The second season had some cringeworthy developments - like that bizarre fling between Lord Grantham and the housemaid, all of the Bates drama (and I love Bates!), and that really brief Patrick Crawley thing. But overall,  this show is still addictively entertaining. Season 3 is the the first thing I'll be looking forward to in 2013, even with the confirmation that it is the last for Dan Stevens (and Matthew Crawley...I hate when casting has to direct story). 
  2. The Olympics - I always feel like I don't get to watch as much as I'd like, but gymnastics this year was pretty darn awesome. McKayla Maroney's essentially perfect vault from team finals still gives me chills. Swimming and beach volleyball and even track were great too. 
  3. Parks and Recreation - Leslie and Ben are engaged! Possibly the cutest moment on television all year. There were definitely some new things going on this year with Leslie's campaign and then being on city council, Ben being in DC, etc. but I think the show handled them quite well. The Tom/Ann romance was stupid, but this new, semi-responsible Tom is actually still funny. Oh, and Jerry is married to Christie Brinkley??
  4. Community - Sad it hasn't been on this fall so looking forward to it coming back in the spring!
  5. Ben & Kate and The Mindy Project - I'm lumping these together for some reason. Ben & Kate is much more about family, and The Mindy Project has much more about career, but both are pretty much about characters in their twenties/thirties, which I guess I am finally resonating with? That is, instead of teen shows...
  6. Like The Vampire Diaries. I'm still watching this, but somehow it's gotten a bit tiring. I am still impressed by just the sheer volume of story that the writers seem to be able to come up with and execute at such speed but I guess I'm just finding myself caring less and less about the characters.
  7. The Amazing Race - I was disappointed by this season's winners (was rooting for the Chippendales) but I think the show is still basically consistent. 
  8. How I Met Your Mother - Yes, I'm still watching this?? And it got renewed for ANOTHER season. When will it end? Why can I not give up?
  9. Parenthood - Actually finally finished last season! Haha, so I'm behind, but I'm getting there. Like Mira has said, it's a show that doesn't always do things that we like, but that still just does them well.
  10. Bunheads - It took a few episodes for this to grow on me, but I ended up finishing the season and really liking it, even the teenagers that I initially deemed inconsequential. 
  11. Game of Thrones - I watched seasons 1 and 2 this year because I had a free HBO promotion and while I thought the cast and acting and all the sets and locations were really excellent, ultimately I think that all the graphic sex and violence just aren't for me (like most HBO originals). I'm going to stick with the books.
  12. Girls - It got a ton of buzz this year and I can see why - it has this very honest and very un-glossed-over view of young, female New Yorkers that hasn't necessarily been seen much on TV.  Unfortunately the result of this is that the characters do really stupid things and aren't always very likable. I think I like having characters to root for in TV shows. Anyway, undecided whether I'll keep up with the show since I won't have HBO.
  13. So You Think You Can Dance - Still love watching the show, but definitely not as obsessed as I used to be. It took me a minute there to remember the most recent winners and I can't say there are that routines in particular that I remember...

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