Thursday, October 11, 2012

Check in Thursdays: Week 41

Watching... Playoff baseball -- mostly the O's vs. Yankees series.  Really, it's the husband that's watching while I read on my Kindle...
Reading... What am I reading? Junk. Cuz when I read on my Kindle, that's all I read.
Listening... One of my favorite songs on the radio right now is "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers. Trying to decide if I like it enough to buy the CD on Amazon, though.

Watching... New season of Amazing Race. Want to check out Nashville and Arrow and this PBS series Call the Midwife...maybe this weekend.
Reading... Same as it's been for weeks. Notes from a Small Island and A Clash of Kings. Also re-reading The Great Gatsby because it's been years and I don't remember it at all really.
Listening... Really enjoying my latest audiobook, How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr. It has a lot of cliched teenage stuff in it but is written really well.

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burkie said...

watching...Nashville. love connie britton, and love (certain) country music. have a lot to say on this....will wait until somebody does an entire post on it ;)
listening..."Of Monsters and Men," thanks to mira. i like it!
reading...the lastest jasper fforde, "The Woman WHo Died A Lot." yay!