Thursday, June 07, 2012

Check in Thursdays: Week 23

Watching... New season of Love in the Wild! I'm not thrilled that Jenny McCarthy is the new host, but this was such a fun surprise last summer and the top two couples from the first season were so cute and are still together!
Listening... So You Think You Can Dance continues to be a surprisingly good place to discover new music. This remix of The Naked and Famous - Young Blood was used in one of the auditions. SO GOOD.
Reading... Still pretty engrossed with both Born to Run and The Help.

Watching... Love in the Wild as well. And I HATE Jenny McCarthy.  Plus there is no couple or person as likable as Samantha and Mike (last year's winners).  I seriously hate Jenny McCarthy. She overenunciates everything and everything she says sounds cheesy/goofy. UGH!
Listening... Foster the People CD, since I'm going to the concert this coming weekend.
Reading... Just finished book one of "The Immortals" series, Evermore, and would have to say that it's somehow a really bad Twilight. And Twilight doesn't even rank as being particularly good, so yeah, it's just really bad. Bad enough that I'm not going to bother reading more.  Currently reading Divergent by Veronica Roth, another young adult book set in a dystopian society.  Many might compare it to Hunger Games, but I'd say it's much more reminiscent of The Giver and so good that it might merit its own post. If I get around to it... :) Gotta finish it first!


burkie said...

watching...while in scotland, i watched a scotland-based procedural called "Taggart." very reminiscent of L&O: SVU.
listening...iPod on shuffle.
reading...finished "The Book of Lies" by brad metzler. it's a conspiracy story that connects the murder of Abel by Cain with the 1932 death of Mitchell Siegel, father of the man who would create the character of Superman, and revovles around the murder weapon that Cain had used against Abel (the bible never says what it is). interesting concept, badly executed. much better, so far, is the one i'm currently reading: "The Sherlockian," by graham moore. it's about a group of modern sherlock holmes' aficianados and sir arthus conan's doyle missing diary.

Fanny said...

Oooooh! I might want to check out "Divergent" because I loved "The Giver"!