Thursday, May 17, 2012

Check in Thursdays: Week 20

Watching... Season finales. Well, of the shows that I'm caught up on anyway...
Listening... New songs from Passion Pit (Take a Walk) and Yeasayer (Henrietta).
Reading... Still on The Marriage Plot and Ready Player One.

Watching... Season finales, too! Currently, Revenge.
Listening... Getting ready for the Lady Antebellum concert this Sunday!
Reading... magazines. Us Weekly and Real Simple to be precise. Yeah, not a book yet. Yet!

1 comment:

burkie said...

watching...sniff sniff, series finale of In Plain Sight. i enjoyed the show a lot and thought the finale was really good. i'll miss it, but better to end it before it gets stale.
listening...robert earl keen's latest CD "Ready for Confetti"
reading...The Book of Names and some scotland stuff :)