Saturday, May 12, 2012

Check in Thursdays: Week 19

Watching... Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery! Loved the first season and so happy that it's back for another! On a related note, apparently CBS is developing another modern-day Sherlock series called Elementary with Jonny Lee Miller (who I do love) and Lucy Liu, of all people, as Watson. I'm skeptical, especially because it's CBS. Oh, upfronts are next week!
Listening... Ben Folds Five - Do It Anyway. They're coming out with a new album? I used to be a big fan back in the day, more so than his solo stuff.
Reading... Still working on Emily, Alone and Ready Player One. Also re-obtained The Marriage Plot and optimistically, The Help from the library. Unlikely I'll get to it in the next three weeks before it's due though.

Mira: Per usual, my fault for the late post!
Watching... Caught up on How I Met Your Mother. Catching up on Hart of Dixie. Also just watched The Avengers (highly recommend) in theaters and Joyful Noise on the plane (don't recommend)!
Listening... Saw Ingrid Michaelson in concert at the 9:30 club on Wednesday night -- as always she is FANTASTIC.  Of course, this is the fourth time I've seen her live so obviously I'm an uber-fan.
Reading... Found a random series of books I purchased at some point on my Kindle.  There are a lot of bad sentences and a lack of transition (unless it's screwed up Kindle formatting). I really hope I didn't pay for it, but it's the Bootscootin' series by D.D. Scott.  Don't think I recommend it to anyone though. :)

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burkie said..., and the Captain America movie, before i see The Avengers.
listening...ipod on shuffle.
reading...finally finished Swamplandia! (enjoyed it) and started The Book Of Names (standard conspiracy stuff)