Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: things i missed out on

M: Since Jenn has already started posting some 2011 in review posts, here's a top three question related -- what are 3 things you missed out on in 2011 that you hope to try out in the future?

1. 50/50: I really wanted to see this movie and even almost went to see it by myself while traveling overseas, but did not get around to. Even if it was a cancer movie attempting humor... 2011 New Years Resolution Fail #1.
2. Game of Thrones: Mainly the books, but somewhat the TV show as well.  I hear that it's supposed to be a complete series of 7, though, so I have figured I'll wait for the entire series to be published first before starting.
3. The Help: The movie came out this year with one of my favorite actresses of the year -- Emma Stone -- but I do want to read the book first. I heard both were great and I did really want to see the movie and had intended to, but as always did not get around to it. 2011 New Years Resolution Fail #2.

Jennifer: I ditto all of Mira's picks, but here are some other ones too.
1. Homeland: It kind of annoys me how many good shows are on premium cable these days. I love both Damian Lewis and Claire Danes so I really wanted to watch this but I'll have to wait for DVD I guess.
2. Drive: I don't even know what this is about but it got really good reviews and um, Ryan Gosling? Sold.
3. Breaking Bad: It's been on for a few years already but the critical acclaim is just as good, if not better, than it's ever been. If I ever re-activate my Netflix account it'll be to catch up.
Runner ups: Louie, Awkward (an MTV scripted series??)

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burkie said...

i read the first two, i think, Game of Thrones books. i shied away from fantasy fiction after the, oh, 7th or so book in robert jordan's Wheel Of Time series...i really enjoyed The Help, both the book & the film.

1) Anonymoyus, the film surrounding the true authorship of shakespeare's plays. i love this subject and want to see this film, even if it hasn't gotten good ratings.
2) Captain America. i'm a shakespeare guy & a comic book guy, and this film got good reviews. i saw the Captain America movie from the '90s and it may have been the worst movie i've ever seen. i'd like to see Cap in a good movie :)
3) Jasper Fforde books. there have been a couple of new ones (Shades Of Grey; The Last Dragonslayer) that i haven't read and i thought i'd get around to them this year. i didn't :(