Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: Misfits

J: Top three characters that just don't belong on the TV show they're on.

1. Ann Perkins on Parks and Recreation. I really love Rashida Jones and think she's actually really funny but the show just doesn't really know what to do with her: one of the few flaws in an otherwise fantastic show that's really firing on all cylinders this season.
2. Matt on The Vampire Diaries. I guess they've tried to get him more into things this season with the ghost storyline and whatnot but poor guy just isn't that interesting. I'm still secretly a Matt/Caroline shipper though...Tyler is freaking me out.
3. Drew on Parenthood. It's not so much that he doesn't belong as that the show often forgets that he exists.
Bonus: Jai on Covert Affairs. Sometimes the character doesn't even really seem like he wants to be there.

1. Zooey Deschanel on New Girl. She has a little too much personality given the extreme lack of personality of the rest of the characters. I think she needs to be on a different show, that's better.
2. Puck on Glee. I'm not quite sure why they dropped Trouty Mouth this season and kept Puck on with the lamest storylines ever.
3. April on Gilmore Girls. The show would have been better had she never been in it. :)

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burkie said...

1) everybody *besides* zooey's character (jess) on "New Girl." i didn't want to give the same answer as mira and, since she's the title character, it makes more sense for everybody else to leave :)
2) the character Orwell (played by Summer Glau) on the short-lived recent superhero series "The Cape." this show was kind of the opposite of "New Girl" in that all the supporting chaters were more interesting than the title character. Orwell had a lot of potential that the show never had a chance to develop, but there might be something there to develop in her own show.
3) Atrid, the lab assistant on Fringe. she always there to look sympathetic, fetch walter's root beer, or take blood from somebody, but we know nothing about her. it could be a different lab assistant every week and it would be the same show (although i haven't seen the show this season, so maybe Astrid's character has been developed...but i doubt it).
bonus: good call on Jai, jenn. i agree!