Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: And the Plot Thickens!

M: Top three most annoying plot twists!

1. Rambaldi. Every frickin' Rambaldi plot twist on Alias. I've blocked out most of the details because they were so awful.
2. Tony not being dead on season 7 of 24. Tony Almeida was one of my favorite characters on the first couple of seasons of the show and while I hated when he (and his wife Michelle) died, I was way more angry when they decided to bring him a bad guy! I was already tiring of the show by that point so that was kind of the last straw. I didn't finish season 7 and didn't bother with season 8.
3. Fred getting taken over by Illyria in season 5 of Angel. Like I've mentioned before, there are actually large chunks of Angel that I've never watched but I really did like Fred and I hated that they essentially killed her off. Amy Acker as Illyria was actually still a good performance but I missed Fred.

1. Breaking up perfectly perfect relationships for no good reason. Examples: Sydney waking up to discover 3 years had passed and Vaughn was married to the stupid annoying blonde girl in Alias. One more, breaking up Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl over JENNY.
2. Gratuitous hookups because there is no one left for the characters to hook up with. Examples: On Gossip Girl, Nate has hooked up with Blair, Serena, Vanessa, Jenny, pretty much every female on the show. And now -- BLAIR AND DAN?!?! Or, one of the reasons I dropped Make It or Break It, Kaylie hooking up with every guy, including Damon!!
3. People who just can't seem to be killed off. Example: Dan Scott in One Tree Hill. Seriously, how many opportunities did the writers have to give the audience some relief and kill off his character? Arson attempted to kill him, getting hit by a car, needing a heart... Yeah, maybe it's not a good thing that I want characters to be killed off so badly, but it's especially frustrating when they easily kill off characters that are so great (Keith!).

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burkie said...

tough one!

1) everything that has ever happened in the show Life Unexpected. i thought the show had a good cast & fresh concept, but then rolled out every hackneyed twist ever. what a sorry eye-roller it wound up being.

2) dr. cameron on House goes blonde. why?

3) lyla being born again in Friday Night Lights. love the show, i really do, and it's not an unrealistic development in such a situation, went nowhere and and was abandoned with no explanation. i thought lyla's character was the least interesting in the whole series anyway, but that didn't help matters. at least she didn't go blonde.