Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday Talk: Guest Question!

Burkie: Congratulations! You've become a big celebrity for some reason and you're appearing on Letterman & Leno and presenting at the big awards shows! That means you need a theme song that has to be played every time you're introduced and walk out onto the stage. What would your theme song be?

Jennifer: Um, I don't really know what criteria should be used in choosing a walk-in song...I figure it should be kind of upbeat and at least represent my taste in music? So my pick is Stillness is the Move by the Dirty Projectors. It's got kind of a quirky sound, and I mean, obviously I'm not going to pick something mainstream. The video is weird even for me though...

Mira: I'm going with a song that makes me happy and makes me want to walk with a happy beat. Okay, no, not walk with a happy beat, it darn makes me want to dance to it. And I'm not a dancer. :) "Photograph" by Weezer!


burkie said...

when i walk out onto the stage during the Oscars, i want to be bigger than life, so my song would be Iron Man by black sabbath. yeah, i know, that other Iron Man dude uses it, too, and it's hard for me to imagine a scenario where i'd deserve that as my theme song, but there it is.

good question :)

Fanny said...

Jackson Browne's "Somebody's Baby"! That song always makes me want to bust out some cheesy dance moves down the street. A close second would be my "bad ass walk" song, which is "Chop and Change" by The Black Keys.

burkie said...

look at fanny, breaking out the jackson browne! you obviously don't need to take burkie's course :)

(like the black keys, too!)