Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday Talk: Fairy Tales

M: What's your favorite fairy tale? (Original or reloaded.)

Mira: I think I'd have to go with Enchanted and Beauty and the Beast. I think the latter counts as a fairytale, right? I like the first because it takes a typical fairytale story of a princess, prince, evil stepmom/future mother-in-law, talking animals... Well it was kinda Snow White with Cinderella's animals or something... Anyway it takes all that and throws the story into modern day New York. Fun! Perfect! And now I want to rewatch. Haha. And Beauty and the Beast us simply my favorite Disney movie, period. :)

Jennifer: Hm, interesting question. I remember I had a book of fairy tales when I was younger that I read over and over but I don't know if I had a favorite back then. So I'll just pick one now: The Ugly Duckling. In general I think I prefer Hans Christian Andersen to the Brothers Grimm. I do also really like Ever After...

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burkie said...

interesting question. i started thinking about the stories themselves rather than the movie versions (although i really like both Beauty & The Beast and Ever After) and what determines whether a story "a fairy tale." i looked it up in merriam-webster and got this:

a : a story (as for children) involving fantastic forces and beings (as fairies, wizards, and goblins) —called also fairy story

b : a story in which improbable events lead to a happy ending

so i got to thinking: would "The Lord of the Rings" qualify? would "l'Morte d'Arthur?" or shakespeare's "The Tempest?" i love them all, but would give the nod to LOTR in that group. so off to the difnitive list of fairy tales on wikipedia (it must be definitive, right?) and, alas! i didn't find any of those stories. HOWEVER, i found one that i may like even more (yes, more than LOTR!): charles dickens' "A Christmas Story." i really do love the story and most of the movie/TV versions i've seen and can (and do) watch them year-round.