Monday, July 27, 2009

make it or break it -- lovin' it!

I knew I'd get sucked into a teenage drama on gymnastics... but I didn't expect to REALLY, REALLY enjoy it as much as I do. The characters are a great mix, the storylines are unique, and well it just draws me in. Plus all the gymnastics in the background doesn't hurt. And the hot guys. (Some of whom are actually older than me even if they're playing high school boys, *whew!*)

There are surprising returns to the small screen by actresses such as... uh, Candace Cameron something aka DJ Tanner. And Roz from Frasier. Odd, but surprisingly not super strange either. I love that they have character appropriate cars on the show -- Lauren's pushy, power-hungry, money-throwing-around dad drives a hummer; Emily's poor mom drives a beat up station wagon; and I think that Payton's typical soccer-mom mom (Roz) drove a minivan.

I think that they need a show about ice-skating next. :D

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