Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 things i hate about you... kinda painful

Sigh. Now this is a show I wanted to enjoy... but I really can't. Between the Bianca who isn't popular but so desperately wants to be popular and tries WAY too hard. Especially cuz she's actually pretty and typical popular girl-type but so, so, so desperate... Ugh! Then there's Kat and her obsession with the "bad guy" who really is a horny pretty boy. He's obviously only minorly interested in Kat, because she's a girl, but he's not dangerous in any way and well Kat's seriously obsessed with him. I really should stop watching this... like NOW.

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Jennifer said...

I agree that Bianca is too desperate and I find Cameron to be too dopey...in the movie he was the "nice guy" but not dumb like he is here. I do like Kat and her friend and the dad though. And I think the principal is kind of funny (though I don't know why so many TV/movie principals are Asian women). I find it to be kind of harmless fun...and it's only a half hour.