Thursday, December 04, 2008

There are way too many conveniently rich guys on TV

Something I've been noticing for years: there are way too many convenient wealthy nice guys on TV that the supposedly "average" girls get to date and get ridiculous perks and such from. But of course, the money isn't why they fall in love with them, it's just, like...convenient! Hmph, as if I were only so lucky. Some examples:

1. Will on Privileged. He gets pastrami and a chestnut guy flown into Florida from New York City and installs a massive Christmas tree on the lawn.
2. Bobby on My Boys. He upgrades PJ to first class on the flight to Italy, and his family has a villa there. A villa!
3. Junior on Wildfire. Kris from juvie ends up marrying the richest guy in the horse world. Of course.
4. Logan on Gilmore Girls. Don't even get me started on the whole Life and Death Brigade and how he gets the perfect gown for Rory because "he has an eye for sizes."
5. Ty on 90210. Not that he was really a nice guy, but our little Kansas Annie gets flown up to San Francisco practically the first week she's in California. I mean, come on!

Oh, and this isn't TV, but Edward from Twilight? Sure, the story's epic true love or whatever, but let's not forget this one detail: the Cullens are LOADED.

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