Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The critics take on Gilmore Girls

A couple of recent articles blasting this season of Gilmore Girls:



While I'm kind of glad that some critics out there are finally picking up on how horrible the show is lately, what I don't get is why they're blaming it all on the new executive producer, David Rosenthal, and not acknowledging that the show had a problem long before the Palladinos left. Rosenthal had a lot of crap on his plate to deal with. Who was the one who introduced Luke's long-lost daughter? Who was the one who made Luke and Lorelai pretty much sabotage their own relationship? Who was the one that had Lorelai sleep with Christopher the second after she broke up with Luke? Not Rosenthal. And yeah, I agree that having Lorelai and Christopher embark on a full-blown relationship doesn't really help matters, but let's get it straight here. The Palladinos are as much to blame as Rosenthal, especially since they caused this whole problem by leaving the show in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, I agree that Amy Sherman Palladino created a great show with two really great lead characters. Obviously I loved the show in the earlier seasons for a reason. But anyone's who's saying that the show was great last season and now suddenly it's not is really just looking for someone to blame and Dave Rosenthal is the easiest choice. What he's really guilty of is taking a crappy show and making it crappier.

Finally, I'd just like to say, I don't really like Virginia Heffernan's writing (second article I listed). I mean, I know that she's very successful and that she must have got where she is based on talent, but I feel like she takes the big vocabulary words and symbolism a little too far. I find her articles to be almost unreadable. Her language is kind of pretentious and convoluted, and it's difficult to figure out what she's really trying to say. I don't know, maybe she's just too smart for me or something. But while I appreciate that there are people out there treating TV in an intellectual manner and not just as trash, I don't know, when you're writing about pop culture, don't you think you should be well, a little more accessible?

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