Monday, August 05, 2013

M: 40 days of dating

Hello, blog.  You still here? :)

So Jenn and I got sidetracked from blogging for the past couple of months.  She's only planning a wedding or something and moved from MD to VA.  I moved across the pond to England or something boring like that, and somehow fell off the face of the blogging earth in the process. That being the case, I'm sure we have a negative number of readers now, since that means that even we aren't checking our own blog to read new posts.  And the handful of readers who may have done so while we were regularly updating (thank you for having existed as readers at one point) should have given up on us eons ago.

In any case, I found something I wanted to blog about! A while back I had introduced the Lizzie Bennett Diaries on this blog, which lead to Jenn reading and getting super caught up on it (while I never finished going through it and am now woefully behind). More recently I came across another web series thing (via Facebook), which is based on real life and so very engrossing.  So much so that I'm already caught up! 

It's two graphic designers in NYC who were already good friends and who decide to try this experiment of dating each other for 40 days and documenting the experience.  The girl is a serial relationshipper, while the guy is a serial dater.  She falls too fast; he never falls. They started the journey in March, and started sharing the story earlier this summer.  The story unfolds a day at a time (with the final reveal/Day 40 coming later this month on August 16), and is shared via an interview-style system with fun graphics (given their professions, makes sense) interspersed.  They are currently on Day 27 and I seriously want to know -- do they make it beyond Day 40 or not?!?!?  Are they in a true relationship or will they go back to a friendship or less?! 

C'mon, get hooked with me! :)


Fanny said...

I was still checking most days of the week....for a very long time. Very surprised today to see an update! I found out about 40 days of dating about a week ago, but didn't feel like reading the interview stuff :( Post more soon!

Congrats to Jenn!

sara choe said...

yup 40 days of dating was intriguing. tempted to ask someone to embark on that experiment and hope it yields different results.

see y'all really soon!