Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: Food!

J: Stole this topic from my favorite podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour -- what are your top three favorite movies about food or featuring food? 

Mira: Stopping by cuz I can. And I LOVE this question!
1. No Reservations: Loved this, and made me wanna eat everything they were making.
2. Simply Irresistable: A silly movie, but so likable.
3. Chicken Run: It's probably extremely horrible that I put this on the list... but... I remember still watching this in the movie theater and the movie making me really crave chicken pot pie. Why is this so terrible, you ask? Well, it's a movie about chickens trying to run away from people who had created this machine where you stuck the chicken in and out popped a chicken pot pie.
Honorable mention: Waitress for the pies, if only I liked pie more.
Need to watch: Ratatouille, Julie & Julia, Chocolat, Tortilla Soup.
I think I know at least one, if not two, of Burkie's answers. :)

 Jennifer: My answers are pretty standard...
1. Big Night: I can still picture that crazy timpano. Love Stanley Tucci!
2. Eat Drink Man Woman: Mmmm Chinese food.
3. Julie & Julia: The Julie parts of the movie kind of grated but all the scenes with Meryl Streep as Julia Child eating were hilarious and made me really really hungry. And Stanley Tucci again!
Honorable mention: The movie isn't about food, but I love the scenes in Sabrina at the culinary school in Paris =)

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burkie said...

mira's probably right about my answers. i wanted to pick movies that weren't already listed, but...

1) Tortilla Soup/Eat Drink Man Woman -- i suppose convention mandates i list EDMW first since it was the original movie and Tortilla Soup was based on it, and EDMW is probably considered a better movie by most critics, but i was more inspired by the food in Tortilla Soup :)
2) Chocolat -- love this story, the local color, and the magic of chocolate.
3) Big Night -- great story & performances.
for honorable mentions, i'll throw in The Godfather. you don't normally think of food in connection to this movie, but there were some good food scenes & references ("Leave the gun, take the cannoli.")