Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sytycd season 6 - top 14

I am seriously starting to really like Ashleigh and I really loved her and Jakob's NappyTab dance tonight. Ashleigh performed the heck out of it in my opinion. My only issue with her -- she keeps talking about this life-threatening illness that took her away from dancing for 6 years... WHAT WAS THE DISEASE?!?!?!?! I want to know!! :)

Kevin and Karen doing broadway was soooo awkward to watch. Plus, her underwear was a bright blue that didn't match her dress at all and didn't match his pants either -- very distracting! And his pants went up to her neck. It was weird; when they were dancing together, she didn't look so tiny, but when they were dancing separately in unison he looked like a giant!!!!! (I have a feeling Kevin may be going home.)

Noelle and Russell -- he got ballroom/foxtrot again!!! (At least without fat Melanie!) BTW, on Noelle and Mollee's former best friendship -- they used to tweet about loving each other and missing each other and that good best friendsy stuff, but that's stopped and they barely even hang out with each other according to Twitter!!! I believe it was all a gimmick to get more camera time going into the Top 20!!! Anyway, forget them, I still love Russell!!!

I really adore Tyce. I dunno why cuz he's so bitchy sometimes, but it cracks me up. I liked the blackbird routine, and I was totally expecting this song when Tyce talked about them being blackbirds, but definitely not THAT musical representation of "Blackbird." :) Tyce can be so weird and yet it works for me. I would've called for this routine. Victor actually showed personality this week though!

Oh no... So if Legacy and Kathryn got Paso Doble... That means Mollee and Nathan got Travis's contemporary and that's who Travis has been raving about on twitter. DAMN. That means they're safe yet again. Wait... No Ryan and Ellenore have yet to go, too. I really hope Ryan-Ellenore got Travis...

Okay onto Kathryn and Legacy... Pretty good. I much prefer the Paso Doble without crazy wigs or weird hair... And Legacy seriously cracks me up! I'm so glad the dancers this season have personality! Oh, but he's super duper skinny with nice arms.

Yay! Cat Deeley imitates Travis's Fozziebear voice. Travis's choreography is seriously filling a void I thought Mia's departure would leave. And I need to go download that song on iTunes now!!! :)

Mollee and Nathan... Meh, it was good but nothing special for me. Plus I hate Lady Gaga. I am starting to feel sorry for Nathan. I feel like he's such a little boy, but you can see that he is just that young and it hurts him emotionally!! Aww, what a cutie. :) But, I was really expecting them to scream during the dance... Hmphh.

Bottom 3 predictions? Kevin-Karen. And... I have no idea.

My favorite dances tonight: Ellenore-Ryan. Ashleigh-Jakob.
Next tier of dances I liked: Channing-Victor. Russell-Noelle. Legacy-Kathryn.

Oh well, we'll find out tomorrow. And GLEE tomorrow night, too! Yay!

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