Saturday, May 23, 2009

i still heart SYTYCD

My favorite time of the tv year is here -- SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! Plus, it's on for TWO seasons this year. Summer and Fall!

Notes on the first episode:
-- So happy to see Natalie (Katee's roommate and friend from Season 4) is back.
-- Nigel's hair is a lot browner than I remembered.
-- Brandon Bryant should be exciting to watch this season. He seems like a hybrid Joshua + Will. He's got the power and muscles of Joshua, with the lines and technique of Will. Mm, he'll be exciting to watch.
-- A note from Jennifer (we were chatting throughout): There is a serious lack of breakers in the first 2 cities of tryouts. Which is surprising cuz one of the cities was Brooklyn, the second was Denver. Perhaps next week?
-- I heart Cat Deeley. And she's become a better dancer it seems?? She looks less awkward than she did in previous seasons when dancing with the audition crowds.

I'm so excited about the upcoming season!!

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