Friday, August 08, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - The End!

I know, there hasn't been much blogging lately. My life has been kind of crazy and stressful these past couple of weeks, but I have to say that So You Think You Can Dance has really done wonders in giving me a couple of hours of sheer happiness every week. One of the things I love the most about the show is that the results show is so completely worth watching. I could probably do without the musical performances but there's really not much filler. And last night's finale was just jam-packed full of wonderful and fun stuff. Some highlights:
  • The Phillip vs. Robert popping battle. Robert definitely is a freak of nature with his insane flexibility and double-jointedness but I kind of have to say that I liked Phillip's style better. Felt bad for him that he only got one vote but really the two of them together was fantastic.
  • Mary and Nigel actually dancing! Finally we got to see why they're qualified to be judges. No, they weren't fabulous or anything, but damn, has Mary got some legs! Who knew what she was hiding sitting behind that table all that time! And Nigel's tapping was really respectable. I loved that the rest of the judges said they needed to get up there and perform too.
  • Debbie Allen making fun of the way Lil C talks: AWESOME.
  • Gev rolling under all the girls during the Top 20 dance. With hip-hoppers making it further this season than ever before I wonder if Shane Sparks is going to be more a presence on the show next season. Come back, Shane!
  • Katee and Will nailing the pas de deux!
  • Seeing all our old favorites again! Sara, Travis, Dominic, Hok, Allison, Ivan, Neil...and man were Dimitri and Anya HOT during the group routine or what?
  • The crazy Donnie Darko bunny Cirque de Soleil Wade Robson routine. Somehow all those words totally go together. Creepy but really watchable.
  • Seeing No Air and Bleeding Love and the Mark/Courtney Sonya routine and Bollywood again. Mira and I are going to the tour this year and I can't WAIT to see them live in November!
So onto the results -- I kind of figured Courtney would be in fourth place. She grew on me the most throughout the season and she was so happy and gracious during her exit. Go Long Island! Katee getting eliminated next was a bit of a shocker...I was kind of rooting for her for the win (she was in SO MANY of the judges' favorite routines) but I can kind of see why her personality might not have captured people. It was really nice to see her get $50,000. I wonder why that just came out of nowhere.

So down to Joshua and Twitch...and of course, Joshua wins! I was afraid for a minute there that Twitch might win...I mean, his solos are great and he did hold his own throughout the season but he was not nearly as consistent or stand out in the partner routines as Joshua. Joshua seems like such a genuinely nice guy and I can't think of a routine that I didn't like him in.

Oh, and I must plug Cat Deeley once more before next season. I so don't understand how she wasn't nominated for an Emmy for best reality show host because she is SO awesome. You really can't help but love her and it's obvious that the judges and dancers love her too. She rules!

Sad that the season is over, but can't wait for the tour! And happily the Olympics are starting today! I'm pretty much going to be living and breathing gymnastics for the next week or so. Go Team USA!!

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