Monday, December 11, 2006

relieved with the finales of Top Model and the Amazing Race

It's no secret that I love reality TV, and especially competitive
reality. But when it comes down to the final two or three competitors, I
like to have someone to root for, or even a few people that I wouldn't
mind winning. But when there's just one contestant that I DON'T want to
win and the rest I could care less's kind of not as fun.

That was the case with the latest seasons of America's Next Top Model
and the Amazing Race, both which had their finales this past week.
Thankfully, the people I didn't want to win didn't, but the finales left
me with a feeling of relief rather than one of happiness or

On Top Model, I just didn't want Melrose to win. In a lot of ways she
was a much better model than Caridee, but her personality was just
unbearable. Whether that has to do with how she was edited doesn't
really matter. I don't think that personality is as really a big a
factor in the real world of modeling, but the Top Model winner gets a
CoverGirl contract, and CoverGirl is very much a fresh-face-nice-girl
thing, and knowing Melrose's behavior on the show, I definitely would
not have have bought her doing ads for them. Caridee's a bit more
inconsistent and a little crazy, but at least she's not fake. This
show's getting a bit tiring in general, I'm thinking that I probably
won't watch next season.

As for the Amazing Race, I just didn't want Rob and Kimberly to win. I
know that the race is really stressful and may bring out the worst in
people, but they've just appeared so dysfunctional that I really did not
want to see them be rewarded. I kind of felt like if they won, they'd
take that as proof that they really should get married. I mean,
it seems like they're going to do it anyway, but I really don't think
they needed to be encouraged. So that left Alabama and the models.
Alabama caught some good luck with their first flight but then messed up
their last, which pretty much doomed them, especially since the last leg
in NYC involved a two mile walk in the rain. So I'm glad it was the
boys. They've been the most consistently good performers and they've
remained pretty likeable. I totally cracked up when they finished the
fashion challenge first. I still don't know which one is James and which
one is Tyler though...

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